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Iranian unionists, students prepare for nationwide protests

WASHINGTON (PAI)--Iranian unions, students and human rights activists readied nationwide protests.

Iran, Brazil, Turkey and the ghost of Lord Palmerston

Recent events bring to mind what Britain's Lord Palmerston said in the 1800s: "England has no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests."


Iran executions prompt mass condemnation

International condemnation by trade unionists and human rights activists has greeted the execution of five political prisoners by the Iranian authorities on May 9.


Appeal for solidarity with Iranian people

The Tudeh Party of Iran has issued an appeal for solidarity with Iran's progressive and democratic movement, calling the situation "desperate."


U.S., Iran engage in new round of jockeying

Iran's president declared his country can produce nuclear weapons fuel, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Iran is becoming a military dictatorship, and the White House grapples with policy options.


Urgent action required to free Iran political prisoners

People around the world are urged to speak out in solidarity with Iranian campaigners for peace, democracy and social justice.


Iran: arrests continue as regime’s legitimacy crumbles

Iran's regime is employing intimidation tactics and the Islamic Republic is facing a crisis of legitimacy.


Iranian group calls for world protests as arrests mount

Ibrahim Yazdi, a nationalist leader and the first foreign minister after the 1979 revolution, was arrested Dec. 28, following arrests of a leader of Iran's student movement and hundreds of others.


Iran: Regime change by the people, for the people!

Recent events in Iran have further exposed the divisions within the ruling clergy and the desire of the Iranian people for change.




A revealing documentary about Iran

At a time when Iran is taking center stage in world events, film fans have a unique opportunity to see the country in a different light.

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