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CWA hits high-tech visas

Spotlighting an aspect of the nation’s immigration debate that has received little attention, the Communications Workers executive board voted April 18 to lobby against a guest worker program which allows employers to create a temporary workforce of tens of thousands of lower-paid high-tech “guest workers.”


Movement presses on in wake of raids, arrests

CHICAGO — Imagine you are at work. You’re on a break getting food from the truck outside, when you are surrounded and arrested by federal agents

Inuit leader sounds alarm on global warming

‘We’re the early warning system for the rest of the world,’ says Arctic resident. When she was growing up in an Inuit community in northern Quebec, Sheila Watt-Cloutier never rode anything faster than a dog sled.

We thought it was oil, But it was blood

The other day We danced in the street Joy in our hearts We thought we were free

Silenced again: My Name is Rachel Corrie postponed indefinitely

New York City is known throughout the world as a bastion of free artistic expression. That is, apparently, unless the art is about the struggle of the Palestinian people.

At Agent Orange meet, a plea to U.S.

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Activists and Vietnam War veterans wrapped up a global conference on Agent Orange March 29 with a plea to the U.S. government and chemical companies to take responsibility for health problems linked to the wartime defoliant.

A million UK workers strike for their pensions

On March 28 over a million local government workers staged Britain’s biggest nationwide walkout since the 1926 general strike. And they warned that they will strike again and again if necessary to stop the government from slashing their pensions.

Populist revolt in Latin America

A specter is haunting Latin America — the specter of “populism.” Hardly a week goes by without a warning from pundits that the region may return to its “populist” past. We are warned of economic failure, unfavorable investment climates, dictatorships, nationalism, anti-Americanism and protectionism.


Over 500,000 rally in L.A. for immigrant rights

LOS ANGELES — The over half million immigrant rights supporters who rallied in Los Angeles March 25 sent their fellow Americans and their government a clear message: We are Americans, we are workers who build up this economy and society, we are not terrorists nor criminals, we deserve justice and equality with legalization!


BOOKREVIEW: True family values shine in Cuban 5 book

Cuban poet Nancy Morejon provides an introduction for this slim volume of letters, poems, drawings, photographs and diary excerpts exchanged between five U.S.-imprisoned men and their family members in Cuba. Readers, she predicts, will cross a “threshold of feelings [into] a vast edifice built on the foundation of dignified sacrifice and profound moral values.” And we do

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