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S. Africa: Farm workers fight back / China: Fight vs SARS intensifies / Colombia: Paramilitaries target the left / South Korea: Unions avert railway privatization / Argentina: Co-op supporters attacked by police

Vietnam beats SARS, but Asia still at risk

NEW DELHI – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), a form of pneumonia, is spreading across Asia. Thousands are in hospitals and the death toll is several hundred. The most affected nations are China including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and Burma. In India, 13 cases have been reported and nine have died.

Iraqi Communist paper hits Baghdad streets

Reporters from the corporate media told the story from Baghdad. In a city craving information the man walking along Paradise Square was surrounded by people, as if he was giving out chunks of gold. But in the 21st century, information can be as good as gold.

Iraqis say No U.S. occupation

Shouts of “No to colonialism, no to occupation” resounded throughout Iraq this week.

Civilizations cradle destroyed by war

In seizing control of Iraq, the Bush administration has brought devastation to this ancient land, closing its eyes to the human toll and destruction in this “cradle of human civilization.”

U.S. corporations set to profit off Iraq

The Bush administration’s attempt to fashion for itself the sole role of ruler and victor in post-war Iraq is meeting growing domestic and international opposition.

Debt bondage Debt bondage

The burden of unpayable debt is rising rapidly worldwide. In the U.S., household debt leaped from 65 percent of income in 1975 to more than 100 percent in 2001. Bankruptcies, individual and corporate, are near records.

International notes

May Day: Unions around the world demand ‘respect’ / China/Vietnam: Parties pledge new cooperation / Chile: Copper miners strike / Indonesia: Shangri-La Hotel dispute settled / Czech Republic: Educators may strike

U.S. military attempts to silence journalists

While the White House claims the war in Iraq is for democracy and liberation, U.S. forces have been accused of intentionally attacking a major pillar of democracy – the press.

Whats really behind the trials in Cuba

At an April 9 press conference in Havana, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque presented a detailed discussion of the recent trials of Cubans charged with acting in the interest of a foreign state to harm Cuba’s independence or integrity, and spreading information in support of the blockade and the economic war against Cuba. The press conference also featured details of the U.S. Interests Section’s work to support the so-called dissident movements. The complete transcript of the press conference is available online, at roque.html

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