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The nearly 10,000 flight attendants at Southwest Airlines—members of Transportation Workers (TWU) Local 556—are voting on a new four-year agreement that includes a number of improvements, including pay raises.

Along with the pay raises, the tentative deal—approved by TWU Local 556’s executive board—includes a boost in 401(k) contributions and improvements in leave, flexibility and job security, among other areas and no economic concessions. Says TWU Local 556 President Thom McDaniel:

This round of negotiations was conducted with a spirit of cooperation and partnership that demonstrates the legendary culture of Southwest Airlines. Times are tough in the airline industry, but labor relations don’t have to be. At Southwest Airlines, we are at our best when we focus on solving problems instead of just winning and that’s what happened here.

TWU President James C. Little says that along with being the most profitable U.S. airline, Southwest also is the most unionized—and workers have played a major role in the airline’s success.

Southwest Airlines flight attendants have always been an integral part of the airline’s success and it is great news that together they have negotiated a contract that recognizes their contribution.