It all started with PWW builder Gabe Falsetta, who sent in an $80 contribution in honor of the People’s Weekly World’s 80th anniversary year. “I want the truth to keep on publishing,” he said.

Inspired by that action, Tim Wheeler, the PWW’s national political correspondent, told a 200-plus crowd gathered at the Communist Party’s Unity Center in New York for a post-election meeting, “Show your appreciation for the PWW’s fighting coverage for the last 80 years. Give $80, or $800, right now, today, to help us make our $200,000 fund drive goal.” The hat was passed and just under $6,000 was raised.

“Communists are among the staunchest supporters of freedom of the press, especially the working-class press, which is free from corporate control,” Wheeler said. “But I didn’t expect such a large on-the-spot collection.”

Wheeler said the appreciation for the PWW, especially in the fight to defeat the Bush agenda, has grown — not only among left, progressives and Communists, but in the people’s and labor movement.

“The Pentagon uses a term ‘force multiplier.’ Generally I don’t follow the Pentagon’s lead, but ‘force multiplier’ describes the People’s Weekly World as a grassroots organizer’s tool. How many people can you personally talk to in a day, in depth, about important issues? Circulating the People’s Weekly World is a ‘force multiplier’ in the struggle for progress and activists appreciate that,” he said.

Each year the People’s Weekly World asks its readers and friends to organize fund raising events to help cover costs of producing a national newspaper. With the election battles raging, many states had to postpone their efforts. But some areas managed to do both. The staff of the People’s Weekly World and Nuestro Mundo gives a big shout out and congratulations to our readers and supporters in Colorado, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Kansas, Northern Minnesota, North Dakota, North Carolina and Vermont who have met or exceeded their fund raising goals. Way to go!!!

We still have to raise $125,000. Help us. Mail in your check today, or go to to make a donation.