Hours before there was to be a people’s survey to decide whether to have a fourth poll during the upcoming elections of Nov. 29, which would determine the possibility of calling a National Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Honduras, a coup d’état orchestrated by a small group of the country’s military officials, supported by the extreme right-wing bourgeoisie and the media companies damaged democracy in Latin America and the people’s legal authority to make decisions on its own internal affairs.

Following the modern imperialist recipe for carrying out a coup d’état, a group of revolting soldiers kidnapped the legitimate president of the republic, Manuel Zelaya, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, obligating him through the use of armed force to leave Honduras, supported by a news blackout which left the people in the dark about what was happening. Add to this the electrical blackout, the interruption of broadcast from the state media and the reports of the violation of the human rights of Honduran citizens, government functionaries and accredited foreign diplomats in the country by the de facto government.

The Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity condemns the coup against the constitutional president of the Republic of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, and repudiates any attack against the dignity of the Honduran nation. We are in solidarity with the democratic spirit of our sister Central American country and we reiterate our commitment with the people’s right to freely determine their future and we demand respect for the legitimately constituted institutions of the country.

We demand the halt of all aggression y publicly accuse the revolting military that is using armed force against the people, denounce the media accomplice who devaluing their profession is connected to the hegemonic interests in the country.

We call upon the international community, the people’s and social movements of the world to condemn y demonstrate in mass against the coup d’état, demand the return to the legality of the institutions in Honduras. We also reject any government which tries to install itself through force and call upon the Honduran people to resist fascism and the reactionary and conservative bourgeoisie until democracy is restored.

Translated by José A. Cruz PWW-Nuestro Mundo