There is a country in the world today that poses a threat to millions of people, a threat that must be dealt with to guarantee peace for all the countries and peoples of the world.

You know the one I’m talking about.

This country constantly makes threats against other countries, including threatening to invade other countries without notice or provocation.

This country has huge stockpiles of the most dangerous weapons – nuclear, chemical, biological, and space-based.

This country has been known to use these weapons against civilian populations.

This country sells more weapons to other countries than any other, including the most advanced weapons of destruction.

This country has a leader who was not elected by a popular vote of its citizenry.

This country has recently unilaterally abrogated international treaties.

This country spends more on weapons and the military than all other countries put together.

This country uses its military and economic might to dictate terms to other countries, frequently violating their sovereignty, grabbing massive sums of money from the poorest countries to feed its insatiable profit system.

This country has engaged in many military actions without declaring war, in violation of its own constitution and laws, and claims for itself the sole right to send troops anywhere in the world.

This country has more military forces on more bases in more countries than any other.

This country uses its veto power in the United Nations more than any other country to prevent international actions it doesn’t agree with.

This country refuses to acknowledge the jurisdiction of any international court, at the same time hypocritically calling for military action against others who won’t submit to decision of international courts.

You know the one I’m talking about – it’s the United States government. We have to do something about it, for peace and justice all over the world. We can’t wait until George Bush orders the U.S. military to strike again.

Marc Brodine is the chair of the Communist Party of Washington State. He can be reached at