A little poem ponders “birthers”

Who Knows?

Most people have birthdays ‹
so I’ve been led to believe.
A few, however, are suspect;
their birth is hard to conceive.

Take the tea party ranters:
instead of reasoning, they shout.
Perhaps they’re from outer space ‹
they certainly are spaced out.

A senator from Arizona
invented a figure as actual.
His staff then clarified it:
it wasn’t meant as factual

A Rep from Minnesota
is forever citing history.
Historians, however,
say her stuff’s a mystery.

I wouldn’t be surprised
if it were soon revealed
that body snatchers invaded
our porous political field.

Photo; The news about Newt Gingrich, back in 1995 when he was a congressman. (Joe Marquette/AP)



Seymour Joseph
Seymour Joseph

Seymour Joseph, now retired, was a longtime editor, writer, and graphic artist for People’s World’s predecessor publications. He is also a poet and blogger on current events.