Dear reader,

We are always on a quest to improve the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo not only in terms of content and style, but also in terms of delivery and service to our readers. When problems arise, we want to tackle them as soon as possible.

It has come to our attention that mail delivery of the People’s Weekly World has been delayed, often repeatedly, in certain areas of the country. While many people receive their papers right on time, there are a few areas where the paper is held up by as much as a week — or even more.

Our readers deserve better service than that, and we intend to fight for it!

If you have any problems with the mail delivery of your paper — if it comes damaged, comes late, anything — please contact me directly. You can call me at (212) 924-2523, ext. 363, or e-mail me at

I intend to make sure that the PWW/Nuestro Mundo comes to everyone on time and in good condition, but I need to know every single problem that arises so I can take it up with the Post Office.

Thank you for your continued readership and support.


Dan Margolis
Business Manager