Without socialism, the countries of the world cannot reduce their illiteracy rate to zero, attainable and necessary for progress.

Without socialism, all the people of the world will not have access to potable water that is so vital for their health and safety.

Without socialism, children will not be in school through their learning years instead of in the fields and factories and the maquiladoras at starvation wages.

Without socialism, there will not be sufficient secondary schools and universities for all who are deserving and willing.

Without socialism, there will not be enough institutions to train the essential doctors, architects, engineers, writers, musicians, teachers, nurses, technicians of all sorts and scholars so that popular progress can be a reality.

Without socialism, the world’s athletes cannot train and perform in the spirit of wholesome competition and without the burdens of commercial demands.

Without socialism, there will be no universal adequate pensions for the elderly and the infirmed.

Without socialism, there can be no comprehensive health care for everyone with adequate hospitals, doctors and health care professionals.

Without socialism, our farmers would not be able to till their lands and raise their livestock without the fear of foreclosure from the megaagricombines and the demands to use genetic modified seeds and feed

Without socialism, there can not be universal access to electricity and ample energy to guard from the weather and accidents of nature

Without socialism, we cannot have adequate mass transit, free highways and full communication resources to reach our friends and families

Without socialism, we cannot possibly have full employment

Without socialism, women cannot take their rightful places as equals in society

Without socialism, people of color and our minorities cannot feel free of bigotry and racism

Without socialism, we cannot have a society without beggars in the streets and children that sleep in the gutters

Without socialism, our urban infrastructures will continue to crumble, burdened by the weight of an arms race that distorts our priorities and funding

Without socialism, the world will be wanting of the freedom of the arts, music, literature and the cultural outlets for everyone to participate and enjoy

Without socialism, computer and other coming technologies would be reserved for the privileged few and be a weapon of control of people rather than for their common good and advancement.

Without socialism, our economies will remain subservient to the world’s lending institutions and debt service that restrain and enslave

Without socialism, our streets cannot be drug free

Without socialism, there will be no minimum living wage for all and working conditions that provide for the health and security of the people on the lines

Without socialism, we will continue to plunder our environment and destroy our air and waterways for the sake of rabid profits that benefit only the elite

Without socialism, our most precious asset, our children, will be born into a world that denies them the tools to start their lives

Without socialism, our animals will continue to be abused and exploited for profit

Without socialism, the military budget will not be cut in favor of the needs of peacetime activities and endeavors

Without socialism, the world community of nations will not abort its gunboat diplomacy in favor of salubrious peaceful communication to solve our disputes

Without socialism, population control, achieved only through an improvement in our standards of living, cannot be accomplished

Without socialism, our exploration and use of outer space will become militarized and not be harnessed for the good of all instead of the wealthy few

Without socialism, there will be profits before people, guns over butter. Billions in the world of today will continue to suffer from birth, never knowing a moment of good health free of pain from disease and hunger. They will never realize their full potential as human beings in a world that has the resources for all to partake and flourish. For this alone, those of us in the solidarity movement must continue to strive and work to that end.

– Don Sloan