AFL-CIO launches new health care ad campaign
Susan Walsh/AP

Today the AFL-CIO launched a new ad campaign to educate the public on the dangers of the Republican health care plan and encourage senators to reject it. The six-figure ad campaign will reach people in a variety of ways, including Facebook, Instagram, newspaper websites and even digital billboard ads appearing in airports.

“The rushed, backroom dealings on the future of health care have real impacts on the lives of working families,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “We are bringing these dangerous proposals out from behind closed doors and making sure all workers are heard. This new ad campaign gives us the ability to directly reach working people to educate them on these efforts to take away health care from millions of people just to pay for a tax cut for the wealthy, and to help them take action to stop it.”

The ads launched today are the first in a series of advertising the AFL-CIO will release as part of this campaign. These ads include targeted promotion in states whose senators are at the center of the debate, such as Alaska, Maine, Nevada, Ohio and West Virginia, and will run through the July congressional recess.

“What’s being discussed in Washington isn’t about improving people’s health, it’s about increasing insurance companies’ wealth,” said Trumka. “Working people are demanding that their senators reject this terrible bill that would take away health care for tens of millions of people and drive up costs. We expect our leaders to be supporting ways to bring health care to all, not take it away.”


Josh Goldstein
Josh Goldstein

Deputy National Media Director at AFL-CIO