Much is being made of Wisconsin’s drive to cut back on teacher’s benefits and money spent on the state’s education system, and the governor’s drive to take away basic rights of workers. This story has become more than Wisconsin’s fight for the right to organize for better benefits. It’s a labor struggle whose history goes back to the Ludlow Mine Massacre April 20, 1914, and further back

Corporate America‘s rainbow dream has always been anti-labor. I don’t have the space to list the things corporations have done to organized labor to make the word “union” into a dirty, anti American label. They do it deliberately in order to screw around the public’s head when it comes to the labor movement.

The most common way big money achieves its goals is by using the GOP and its storm trooper, right-wing media cry babies. Together, in print and on the airwaves, they run a well orchestrated con game on America.

It’s a simple trick, really. Say, your parents bring in a third-rate magician to your birthday party. The magician barks, “Nothing in this hand,” waving his left hand in the air.

“In this hand,” he shows his palm “is a shinny half dollar.” He shows the captivated onlookers the coin in his right hand again.

He starts waving his hands around in a crisscross, looping motion. You, and the rest, can’t take your eyes off Mr. Magic’s right hand. This is where the coin has to be. When he’s done; there’s nothing there. The magician lays his palms flat to prove it.

A form of this trick is the way Corporate America, the GOP and the t-party gets its way with the American electorate. They have America mesmerized by always showing the public that coin and then making it disappear into their pockets.

For instance, the issues Governor Scott Walker is pushing are no teacher strikes and public employees would pay their benefits themselves. All this is supposed to help rescue the state’s cash crunch and do good things for Wisconsin’s kids and their education. All that is in one hand.

In the left hand, nothing. In the right hand? Corporate America’s drive to smash unions, crush workers’ right to organize. If you think this is some kind of Marxist manifesto, stop and think about it a second.

The same trick is pulled time and time with subjects like abortion, gay rights and other trumpeted up enemies. (Where are all those WMDs?)

We may not know the outcome of Walker’s drive to crush organized labor. But we do know one thing: Corporate America, the GOP and their shock troops t-party, are all in the same hand.

Jay Marvin is a radio talk show host and lives in Colorado.