We’ve all been busy – and rightly so – these last several months with the election. It’s been hard, time-consuming work that has left most of us with little time for anything else.

But now that the urgency of Nov. 5 is behind us, it’s time to do some catching up – including catching up on the People’s Weekly World/ Nuestro Mundo fund drive.

When the drive began in mid-September we (the PWW Editorial Board) and you (our readers and supporters) set ourselves the goal of raising $200,000 by Dec. 15, meaning that the drive should be in the home stretch by now. But the facts of the matter are otherwise: we’ve only managed to raise less than $130,000. Simply put, we’ve got to do some catching up.

Let us lay it on the line: All anyone heard who watched the post-election ‘analysis’ by television spinmeisters was talk about ‘Republican wins’ and ‘Democratic loses,’ as though the whole world had been turned upside down on Nov. 5. While it is true that the movement for peace and social justice suffered a set back, it’s also true that the movement is alive and kicking. More importantly, its major components are already planning their next moves.

That’s where the PWW comes in: helping to review and assess the 2002 elections and to project the path that will lead to a different outcome in 2004 and beyond.

That’s our sole reason for being. And that’s why we do not hesitate to ask you to help us over the top with this year’s fund drive.

So please: Make your check payable to Long View Publishing, and send it to 235 West 23rd Street, New York NY 10011.

And there’s another way: If you’ve got a cash flow problem, use your credit card. Just go to www.pww.org, click on ‘Support the PWW’ and follow the directions.

La lucha continua – the struggle continues,

Tim Wheeler