You know, Resident Bush is absolutely right when he says that weapons of mass destruction threaten the world.

So, how about the U.S. government inviting the United Nations to send weapons inspectors from Iraq to go anywhere in the U.S., even the White House, to identify all the weapons of mass destruction the U.S. has, and work to destroy them?

The U.S. government has publicly admitted that it has nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. It has used them. It continues to threaten to use them. It even has acknowledged that it is trying to develop so-called “battlefield” nuclear weapons, making it much more likely that nuclear weapons would be used in warfare.

Therefore, the U.S. government should pledge to the world that it will destroy and eliminate all weapons of mass destruction, and stop planning and threatening to use them.

The U.S. should agree that if weapons inspectors are hindered in any way, or if all weapons of mass destruction are not destroyed on a strict deadline, military action will be authorized, for any other country to unilaterally preemptively attack the U.S. for failing to live up to its duties to world peace.

After all, it would only be fair.

Marc Brodine is chair of the Washington State Communist Party. He can be reached at