Once March Madness is over and the National Champion college team has been crowned, it’s back to the old routine. You’re going to be looking for something to do … so why don’t you “Meetup!”

On Tuesday, April 6, in cities all across this country, a new school of voters are heading to the MTV/Rock the Vote Meetup.

What’s a Meetup? You head to a local restaurant, coffeeshop, or bookstore, hangout and meet up with other Rock the Vote supporters. Talk about the election issues – like jobs, education, and security.

Join a Rock the Vote Street Team, or if there isn’t one in your area, find other people who would start one with you and find all the info on the street team site. Here’s what we have going on for the April 6 Meetup. At many of the Meetups, Rock the Vote Street Team leaders will give you a heads up on volunteer opportunities for April, including the Rock the Vote Paul Van Dyk Tour. Get out and register, vote, and represent! If there isn’t a team at your Meetup, start your own!

Signup for the Rock the Vote Street Team at http://action.rockthevote.org. The topic for this month’s Meetup is the fight against terrorism. Following on the recent attacks in Spain, which injured more than 1,000 people, let’s talk about the U.S. approach to fighting terrorism. How are we protecting ourselves at home? How are we waging the fight abroad? And of course, how will it affect the election?

This is your election, so get up and Rock the Vote!

Rock the Vote/MTV