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European Union officials say that a Europe-wide travel advisory for Mexico and unified prevention and treatment measures for swine flu will top the agenda at an emergency meeting of EU health ministers on Thursday.

EU spokeswoman Nina Papadoulaki said that top EU health officials met European big pharma bosses on Wednesday to hear what they were doing to find a treatment for the flu.

Britain, Spain, Austria and Germany already have confirmed cases of the disease, which is blamed for over 150 deaths and 2,400 infections in Mexico.

Ms Papadoulaki said that EU health ministers will focus on preventing the spread of the disease in Europe.

Elsewhere, Cuba is suspending all regular and charter flights from Mexico to the island, but is still allowing airlines to return travellers to Mexico.

A statement published in state newspapers said that, effective from midnight on Wednesday, flights from Cuba to Mexico would be grounded.

Cuba said that the restrictions will remain until ‘the causes that have prompted these decisions cease.’