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Twelve organizations representing the Asian American and Pacific Islander American communities have added their voices in strong support of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Reflecting the diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander American communities, these organizations support the freedom of all workers to form unions and bargain for a better life. The organizations who have come together behind the Employee Free Choice Act include:

* Asian American Justice Center
* Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)
* Asian Pacific Islander American Vote

* Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations
* National Coalition of Asian Pacific Community Development
* Hmong National Development
* Japanese American Citizens League
* National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
* National Federation of Filipino American Associations
* South Asian Americans Leading Together
* Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

Maria Somma, the president of APALA, an AFL-CIO constituency group, says the Employee Free Choice Act is critical to fairness in the workplace and a strong, sustainable economy.

The Employee Free Choice Act will help Asian Pacific Americans achieve the American Dream by allowing us to fight for fair wages, health care and a voice in the workplace. Asian Pacific American workers are struggling to keep up in today’s economy. Close to 10 percent of Asian Pacific Americans live below the poverty line while CEOs earn 340 times as much as an average worker. The ability to form or join a labor union provides all workers, and particularly low-wage workers, with a pathway to achieve economic prosperity.

These organizations join a wide range of civil rights, human rights and community groups in supporting new law to protect the freedom to form unions and bargain.