Truth, morality, organization, and solidarity – these are the keys to defeating the Bushes and Bushites. The son of a Bush occupying the White House, and his brother Ol’ Jeb the millionaire, the Florida governor, want us to listen to their words about democracy and justice and ignore their actions against democracy and justice. But they can be beat.

They can’t be beat at their own game, because they’ve got that one rigged. The cards are marked, they’ve got the slickest spin doctors shuffling the decks against us, their bag men are going around collecting wads of cash from the rich, famous and immoral, and they’re throwing away wads of tax money, swiped from us, in their efforts to buy and rent votes, whether in Congress or at the UN.

But they can’t rig reality.

War is not peace. Economic crisis isn’t a healthy economy. A ‘jobless recovery’ is still a recession. Stealing votes, buying political support and rigging elections don’t constitute democracy. Twisting arms behind the scenes isn’t building international support. Acting like the bully of the world isn’t something the good guys do (as in ‘the struggle of good against evil’). Security is not hunger, poverty, unemployment and depression.

So we have to be as radical as reality. That’s one playing field Dubya doesn’t control.

We have to spin back just as hard as the administration flacks do, only with truth to back us up.

The dirty, semi-hidden truth of Bush’s policies is that they benefit only the smallest percentage of the people of the U.S. They actually don’t even benefit the majority of the ruling class in most cases. Bush and his brother, out to continue their new dynasty, have ‘devious plans’ to circumvent the will of the people when they don’t like what the people vote for. They have power, real power, military and financial power, but they don’t have the real interests of the people on their radar screens. Their political calculations are all aimed at seeing how much they can get away with, how ruthless they can be at home and abroad. They predict boom times for the already rich and powerful. Do you doubt that Karl Rove and others of his ilk are plotting their 2004 election strategy right now?

In order to turn things around, we have to work hard at turning the majority of people around, by bringing new forces into motion and struggle. We have to change the equation by speaking the truth to millions, starting now.

Just as reality drove a stake through the heart of Bush the First’s re-election plans, we too can marshal reality to be knights of truth and justice, warriors for peace, prophets of economic democracy and prosperity for the people of our country and the world.

The Bushes can be beaten. Just as a majority of the country went from re-electing Nixon to six months later a larger majority demanding his impeachment, so too the dirty tricks of the Bush brothers can be exposed by the light of truth and reality.

Marc Brodine is chair of the Communist Party of Washington State. He can be reached at marcbrodine@attbi.com