New York, N.Y., Thursday, April 13, 2006 — Dressed to the nines in tuxedos and ball gowns, delighted Billionaires For Bush will gather in cities across the country to say to American taxpayers, “Thank YOU for paying OUR fair share!”

As Ola Garky, Senior Policy Analyst for Billionaires For Bush explained, “This most recent round of tax cuts will continue to explode the deficit by giving away over $900 Billion to the super-rich over the next ten years. The Bush administration forecasts that the deficit will hit a record $423 billion this year. Thanks to tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate subsidies, and no-bid contracts, most of that is going right into our pockets. All I have to say to the future middle-class generations who’ll b e picking up the tab is: Thanks, kids.”

In New York City, Billionaires will celebrate with a public Waltz for Wealth from 2-4pm on Monday, April 17th, at Columbus Circle. With champagne flutes, extra copies of IRS Form 8302 (for electronic deposit of a refund of $1 Million or more), and signs reading “It’s a Class War, and We’re Winning!,” Billionaires will express their exuberance in a spectacular burst of upper-crust dancing. Between waltzes and chants of “Let the workers pay the tax, so investors can relax!” the Billionaire Follies will croon gospel-style anthems celebrating the end of the Dynasty Tax.

“Since George W. Bush took office, Tax Day has become a national holiday for Billionaires everywhere,” says B4B National Co-Chair Monet Oliver de Place, lounging on his yacht, the SS Write-Off. “Thanks to Bush’s most recent tax & gt;cuts for the wealthiest 1%, I was able to open my eighth factory in China. See? Who says tax cuts don’t create jobs?”

The Monday festivities will tie up a full weekend of well-heeled revelry. Billionaires will also party it up at the feisty and hilarious Billionaire Follies show “Spring Bling!” Saturday, April 15th’s show is “The Big Tax Day Blowout,” and Crazy George will be slashing programs for the middle class like they’re Brazilian rainforests! 7:30pm, Ace of Clubs, 9 Great Jones Street. Tickets available at

Some have suggested that, with scandals clattering around their ears, now is not the time for Billionaires to gloat about their success at gaming the system. But B4B National Co-Chair Meg A. Bucks scoffs at the notion. “Balderdash. It’s possible that all these scandals will drive some of our ‘investments’ out of office. Now is the time for a take-no-prisoners looting of the treasury. You never know when the salad days will come to an end. Carpe Diem! Or as I prefer to say, Carpe…Everything.”

About Billionaires For Bush

Billionaires For Bush is a do-it-yourself street theater and media campaign using humor to show how the Bush administration has favored the corporate elite at the expense of everyday Americans. B4B is an independent 527 committee, with headquarters in NYC and chapters nationwide. For more information, please visit: