Ken BeSaw, a 26-year volunteer worker for the PWW/Mundo, is bowling for dollars — fund raising dollars, that is. BeSaw plans to raise money for his favorite newspaper: the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo!

That’s right. On Dec. 19, BeSaw and some buddies will go to a bowling alley in New York City and bowl a game to raise money and fun.

“I got the idea from a group I used to belong to. We raised money from pledges. A dime a point, or however much the person could do. It’s like a game of chance. No one knows what I will wind up raising until after the game. People enjoy the gamble,” BeSaw said. Based on a 100-point game, BeSaw has raised $300 in pledges so far.

BeSaw hopes the bowling for the PWW will catch on. “We’re going out for dinner afterwards to celebrate a successful fundraiser. Raising money for a good cause should be fun — a FUNdraiser,” he said.

If any reader is interested in sponsoring Ken, drop us an e-mail at pww at with your name, phone number and amount you want to pledge per point.