Brasilia, Jan 27 (Prensa Latina) The ninth edition of the World Social Forum (WSF), to be run until February 1, is to start Tuesday with a long walk by more than 100,000 participants through Belen streets.

The opening ceremony includes cultural actions with African and indigenous songs, solidarity marches with Palestine and condemnation of Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

Also on the list is a cultural presentation from the South American continent’s different indigenous groups, and over 2,400 activities in the federal universities of Para and Rural de Amazonia.

The WSF is an alternative position to the World Economic Forum to be run in Davos, but unlike the Swiss meeting that will analyze the economic crisis, the Brazilian forum will deal with world environmental crisis and food security.

Presidents Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and Michele Bachelet (Chile) have already so far confirmed their attendance to this meeting.

This is the ninth edition of the WSF, a movement that emerged in Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul in 2001 under the theme ‘A better world is possible’ and has had a great international repercussion.

The second, third and fifth Brazilian editions of this forum took place in 2002, 2003 and 2005, respectively, the fourth meeting was held in Mumbai, India in 2004, the sixth event was run in three countries, Venezuela, Mali and Pakistan, in 2006, the seventh forum was in Kenya in 2007, and the eighth one, in 2008, in over 80 countries, undergoing as the Global Call for Action.