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A plan to slash thousands of jobs and freeze wages at British Airways in an attempt to cut costs hit turbulence on Monday. Jesse Russell reports:
On Monday, workers for British Airways rejected a proposal to cut thousands of jobs and freeze worker pay for two years.

The airline is trying to bridge losses amounting to the equivalent of $658 million U.S. dollars.

The proposal to cut jobs and freeze wages comes on the heels of another request by management that staff voluntarily take unpaid leave or work for no income for up to a month.

According to the airline 800 workers have agreed to clock hours for up to a month without pay and 7,000 have agreed to voluntary pay cuts.

The workers rejecting the proposal are baggage handlers, cabin crew, and other ground staff. Pilots at the airline agreed to a 2.6 percent pay cut in June. British Airways CEO Willie Walsh has agreed to work without pay for the month of July.

Walsh earns the equivalent of nearly $100,000 per month.