BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Several peace groups, including Brooklyn Parents for Peace and Brooklyn Peace Action, held a rally here on Dec. 18 around the theme, “Support the troops – Bring them home now!”

Despite a stiff wind and bitter cold, 50 or more Brooklynites gathered on the steps of Borough Hall to some stirring music of the New York City Labor Chorus and activist-singer Bev Grant. They then marched down through the teeming Fulton Street shopping district to hand out leaflets demanding an end to the occupation.

The marchers were well received by shoppers who nodded or shouted their support for an end to the war in Iraq.

After the leafleting, the marchers headed back to Borough Hall where many took to the steps, one at a time, to solemnly read the names of GIs and innocent Iraqis who have been killed during the occupation. Many added their own comments that the dead were victims of a war for oil profits. They then deposited the names of the fallen in a mock coffin.

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