Call in: New developments in international socialist and communist movement

At tonight’s monthly People’s World teleconference, Susan Webb, co-editor of the People’s World, will talk about new developments in the world communist and worker’s movement.

Webb represented the CPUSA at the 15th Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties Nov. 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. She will discuss the issues and answer your questions.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, Communist and workers’ parties worldwide have had varying experiences, and are employing various strategies and tactics and drawing different conclusions about how to advance the struggle for social justice and socialism.

Hear about new approaches taken by Brazilian, South African, and Cuban Communist Parties. What’s the difference in respective approaches of Communist Parties of Greece and Cyprus?

What can we learn? What is the position of the Communist Party USA?

Find out. Call in tonight, January 21, 2014, at 8 pm. ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, and 5 pm PT. Dial 605-475-4850 and enter the code 1053538# after you hear the prompt. Don’t miss out!


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