The Aug. 10 declaration by the Bush administration of a more repressive immigration policy, if put into effect, will create fascist-like conditions for 12 million undocumented workers and their families. The impact of the new policy which criminalizes the undocumented will lower living standards for all working people and undermine democracy, giving a green light to greater racism, national oppression and intolerance of all kinds.

On Sept. 4, the Social Security Administration will begin to send 160,000 letters to employers with 10 or more employees with no-match Social Security numbers. This means at least 1.6 million workers could be fired in the next three months.

Hysteria against immigrants is the main tool the Bush administration is using to deepen the wedges that have meant victories for their corporate agenda in the past. We can’t let their scapegoating of immigrants hold back the labor and people’s movement.

• Call your elected officials to demand an end to the no-match sanction policy

• Write letters to the editor supporting a moratorium on raids, deportation and family unification.

• Get your unions, religious groups and more people involved in the fight for legalization of immigrant workers, not criminalization.

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