For many years Cameroon-born Kaïssa worked as a backup singer for artists such as Cesaria Evora, Jean-Michel Jarre and Diana Ross. “Looking There” is her first solo CD, and judging by the quality of the 12 tracks, it is a successful effort. “Looking There” is a meditation on social injustice, love and religious faith. Kaïssa has a strong, appealing voice that resonates. Mostly sung in her native Cameronian and infused with African melodies, the songs swing from the uplifting “Senga” and “Joy” to the breezy, reflective “O Si Keka” and “Ombwa Te.” Her cover of Steve Wonder’s 1970s hit “Big Brother” is an outstanding reinterpretation of this classic song, suffused with a bluesy-African tinged beat. If this is Kaïssa’s first solo CD, then we have much to look forward from her in the future. “Looking There” is a wonderful first effort. (Makai Records, 2005.)