CHEERS to efforts to get Congress to sponsor legislation to stop anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” advertising what appears to be real crisis center assistance and then when the woman comes in doing everything to block her from choosing abortion. (From NARAL via Viviana in San Antonio, Texas)

JEERS to French MPs who voted overwhelmingly to ban Islamic full veil in public. President Nicolas Sarkozy backs the legislation. (From the BBC via Brian in Massachusetts)

CHEERS to the Democratic Socialists of America for endorsing the Oct. 2 One Nation Jobs March. (From DSA newsletter via Brian in Massachusetts)

CHEERS to unionists in 23 states who began their on-the-job electoral activities July 13 with the theme of jobs. The nationwide campaign runs through July 25. (From AFL-CIO blog)

JEERS to the Dallas newspaper that tried, with a full-page “historical” article, to whitewash its role in applying the misleading phrase “right to work” to its other anti-union activities in 1941. (From the Dallas Morning News)

CHEERS to the retirees nationwide who are getting ready for big celebrations of the Aug. 14 anniversary of Social Security. (From Alliance for Retired Americans)