CHEERS to early voters

CHEERS because lots of Americans are already voting! The District of Columbia and 33 states offer some form of in-person early voting. From Alliance for Retired Americans

JEERS to bullies who harass gay students, resulting in 5 suicides in 3 weeks, including a 13 year old boy who hanged himself and died in a coma 9 days later. From ABC News via Derek Souleotes

CHEERS to President Obama for vetoing a bill that would have made it easier for banks to foreclose on homeowners! MORE CHEERS to lawmakers calling for a nationwide moratorium on such foreclosures. From New York Times

JEERS to Rick Sanchez who was fired from CNN for anti-Semitic remarks against Jon Stewart. From Talking Points Memo via Derek Souleotes

JEERS to news that public employees nationwide are being targeted for massive pension and benefit cuts. From Washington Post

CHEERS to the seniors in New Hampshire who protested the “Fiscal Solutions Tour” and arch-conservative manipulator Pete Peterson. From Alliance for Retired Americans

JEERS to further news about the long-term misery caused by unemployment. In one study, male Pennsylvania workers with high seniority experienced a 50% to 100% spike in mortality rate in the first year after job loss. From freelance journalist Andy Kroll

JEERS to the “Citizens United” Supreme Court ruling that makes corporations people and dollars votes. Apparently, a right-wing group called American Crossroads has bought $4.2 million in political ads and won’t disclose where they got the money! From

CHEERS to the reporters revealing the gazillionaire Koch brothers funding right-wing causes. From New Yorker

JEERS to the West Virginia Republican advertising campaign that asked to hire “hicky” actors. Apparently, they withdrew it when West Virginians found out how they were being characterized. From Dallas Morning News

Photo: PW/Jim Lane