Since the unexpected closure on May 9, HotHouse, the Center for International Performance and Exhibition, has worked around the clock to understand and respond to the allegations levied against it by the City of Chicago. To date the HotHouse has renewed a number of licenses and is in the process of applying for others.

On May 30 an administrative hearings will be held to determine any wrongdoing and potentially assess fines associated with the citation on May 9. The HotHouse has also been issued a limited business license that allows for them resume some of the community events organized here.

A HotHouse statement said, “It is your support, letters to public officials, financial contributions and words of encouragement that have bolstered all of our spirits and helped us realize how many people throughout the world are eager to have HotHouse resume its complete range of multi-arts programming.” Letters of support and donations are still welcome and needed. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to: CIPEX, 31 E. Balbo, Chicago IL 60605. Letters of support can be faxed to: (312) 362-9708.

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