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The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is gaining support across the country as well as on Capitol Hill, with more than 150 grassroots organizations joining President Obama, Vice President Biden, and congressional leaders in support of the bill.

EFCA will give workers the option to choose how to form a union, either by ballot or by getting a majority of employees to sign a union-authorization card.

But the Employee Free Choice Act has engaged more than just the labor community. The right to organize affects all Americans, especially in these difficult economic times. A recent poll shows that 73 percent of Americans favor passing legislation that makes it easier for workers to organize.

As part our ‘Calling for Justice’ series, LCCREF held a national conference call last week to discuss the potential impact of EFCA and to rally national, state, and local leaders around the bill.

‘The passage of the Employee Free Choice Act is critically important to all of us; it’s critically important to the economy of our country; it’s critically important to rebuilding the strength of the middle class,’ said Wade Henderson, president & CEO of LCCR.

A coalition of civil and human rights organizations, religious organizations, and local activists have come together in support of the bill, including American Rights at Work, whose new ad campaign, Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act, tells the stories of workers who are fighting for their right to organize.