NEW YORK – On May 1 a concert and rally will be held to celebrate the international workers’ holiday. It will be part of a series of cultural events entitled “Workers All: The May Day Arts Festival.”

The event this year, sponsored by the New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs begins at noon in Union Square with a concert featuring eight different acts, including Matt Jones, a founding member of the SNCC Freedom Singers and a long-term fighter for civil rights, and Anne Feeney, a labor singer and recording artist known as The Union Maid.

Amina Baraka, celebrated radical poet/vocalist and journalist with the People’s Weekly World, is also appearing, as are John Pietaro a vocalist/banjo player and percussionist, a labor activist and also the concert and rally’s Cultural Organizer; Kirk Kelly, a vocalist/guitarist, punk-folk musician, recording artist and activist; Ray Korona, a vocalist/guitarist, songwriter, recording artist and mainstay of progressive circles; Sandra Rodriguez, a vocalist/composer, playwright and feminist activist; and The Bread Is Rising Poetry Collective, a multicultural organization of poets engaging in social commentary.

The rally will begin at 3:00 p.m. and will feature an assortment of guest speakers from labor, peace and progressive organizations.

The admission is free to all. For more information, call the New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs at (718) 712-9451 or e-mail Cultural Organizer John Pietaro at