Communist and workers’ parties from over 50 countries meeting in Athens, Greece, June 19-20, called for vigorous campaigns in solidarity “with the Cuban people and its heroic struggle for the defense of national independence and sovereignty the socialist system of Cuba and the achievements of the Cuban people.” The parties noted the new level of imperialist hostility towards the socialist nation.

In a statement released by the meeting, the parties put the onus of this new campaign squarely on the driving force behind it – the Bush administration. “This campaign against the Cuban socialist revolution and its achievements is led by the Bush administration, which calls for an international crusade for the overthrow of the socialist regime using as a pretext the liberation of the Cuban people and the supposed restoration of human rights.”

Reflecting the intersection of U.S. and European imperialist interests, the statement also criticized the recent actions by the European Union against Cuba. “In this campaign the EU also participates actively now, more than ever before, by subordinating to the policy of the Bush administration, to the pressure and extortion against Cuba.”

The parties denounced the unjust practices of the economic, commercial and fiscal blockade against Cuba. These practices violate elementary human rights, the statement said.

Faced with this coordinated attack and considering the possibility of military aggression against Cuba, the participants in the meeting declared their readiness to develop broad and effective solidarity campaigns, in their own countries, against the escalating imperialist aggression.

The parties also pledged to “further project in their countries the achievements of the Cuban people through political and cultural manifestations and to intensify bilateral exchanges and visits.”

And in keeping with the basic principles of revolutionary, working class internationalism the parties pledged to demand from their own governments, which may follow a hostile policy towards Cuba, “the lifting of all restrictions in the bilateral relations, which must be developed on the basis of mutual respect and non-intervention in internal affairs.”

The parties also pledged to intensify protests against the unjust imprisonment of the five Cuban patriots in the U.S., for anti-terrorist activities, and for the right of their relatives to obtain visas in order to be able to visit them.

The Communist Party USA was among the over 55 signers of the statement. To see the full statement and list of parties go to