There are six more weeks left for the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo fund drive. Thus far, contributions from 43 states totaling $83,716 have come in from readers who say, “Yes!” to the PWW’s coverage of the people’s struggles.

Where do the checks come from? From trade unionists and unemployed, from artists and academics, from retirees and pensioners, urban and rural, working people all over the country.

The checks and money orders come in amounts ranging from $2 to $3,000. Some folks send a check every month.

We are proud that our paper doesn’t receive one penny from any corporation. We are proud that the people who back us are vocal opponents of exploitation and racism. We are proud that our supporters contribute because they know they are a part of a movement for peace and humanity, away from violence and destruction. We welcome your contribution of whatever amount.

When asked how Friends of the People’s Weekly World in Arizona raise money for the annual fund drive, Joe Bernick’s answer is “First, you saturate the community with lots of PWWs for 12 years!”

More than 20 years ago, Joe began writing articles for the paper. Later he helped distribute bundles at area copper mines. Now he, and Communist Party District Organizer Lorenzo Torrez are the prime movers behind the annual fund drive.

With help from PWW readers, they distribute about 900 papers weekly. Regular readers pick up their paper at one of 10 libraries, two major bus terminals and three community campuses.

Joe says, “We hand out a lot of newspapers in Tucson, but they’re not free. They cost money to produce and we pay for them. We want to keep handing them out and increase the number we distribute. This paper is an important part of the movement that will defeat Bush next year. Help us do this by contributing to the fund drive!”

Supporters of the paper in Chicago and New York will be calling readers to ask for contributions to help us reach $120,000 by Nov. 16. Every contribution to our fund drive goes a long way and every dollar counts.

Help us reach our goal of $200,000 by Dec. 15 so we can continue giving you the coverage you like and enable us to expand our readership.

You can give online with a credit card at or over the phone at (212) 924-2523, ext. 363, Tuesday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Checks or money orders can be sent and made payable to Long View Publishing Co., 235 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10011.

Pamella Saffer is the coordinator of the PWW/Mundo fund drive
and can be reached at