The following is a statement of the Communist Party of Venezuela.

Another coup conspiracy is in progress. The very same ones who tried to overthrow democracy on April 11 are, at this moment, moving forward with a plan to impose a de facto regime upon the country. By paralyzing the city of Caracas, they are trying to create a climate of destabilization, in order to justify an uprising by coup-plotters who are still present within the Armed Forces.

The Metropolitan Police are acting to repress the people who are in the streets demonstrating their support for President Chávez. It was learned this morning that a group of heavily-armed men, linked to the Miranda Police, tried to sabotage the Venezuelan Television channel. The conspirators intend to sabotage the signals of all the media that do not support the opposition.

The Communist Party of Venezuela calls on the Venezuelan people to remain on high alert in defense of the Bolivarian Constitution and the Revolutionary Government led by President Hugo Chávez. We demand respect for the will of the people, who, in six consecutive elections, have given majority support to the National Government.

The conspirators are the same ones who have looted the country and systematically violated the rights of Venezuelan men and women for more than 40 years. They are the same ones who, on April 11, imposed a dictatorship, and who now remain free to continue their anti-patriotic work. They are the same ones who have still not been punished for their multiple crimes, or who remain fugitives from justice. They are confessed and convicted traitors to their country, and we demand their speedy sentencing and immediate incarceration for treason.

At the same time, we call upon the people to resolutely defend the sovereignty of the country, in the face of the coup-plotters’ intent to draw in a multinational force to invade Venezuela in order to expedite the installation of a de facto regime. We warn the coup-plotters and their supporters outside the country that the brave Venezuelan people are ready and willing to defend the sovereignty of the country against any foreign intervention, defending sovereignty meaning overwhelming support for the Bolivarian Revolution and the legitimately-elected democratic government.

We, the Communists of Venezuela, reaffirm to the world our readiness to defend the Bolivarian Revolution. We ask all who believe in the self-determination of peoples and in popular sovereignty to demonstrate their solidarity with the Venezuelan people, who, once again, are being threatened by transnational interests and a coup-plotting oligarchy, who seek to crush and humiliate us in order to impose a fascist-type government.