This is a wonderful book. Thanks to Isaac Saney’s gracefully written summation of the struggles, problems, shortcomings, and vision of the Cuban Revolution, one-stop shopping for knowledge about Cuba is now available. And who has not yearned for a compendium of accurate, understandable information to pass on to novices on Cuba who are short on basic knowledge?

The book focuses on the uniqueness of Cuba. In a world where human development is left to the mercies of markets and entrepreneurs, Cuba, seemingly alone, still sees the world through the lens of social justice. And though a bullying neighbor, the seat of empire, may have dealt Cuba one dirty deed after another over 45 years, the Revolution survives. The principal contribution of “Cuba – A Revolution in Motion” is to attest to the difference that is Cuba.

Saney tells how the twin pillars of national independence and socialism have contributed mightily to the survival of the Revolution. He also highlights the pragmatism that is a central characteristic of Cuban socialism.

The book begins with an overview of history and proceeds on to a description of government in Cuba. A chapter on racism and the lives of Afro-Cubans is immensely valuable, as is another on the Cuban legal and criminal justice system.

A chapter on U.S.-Cuba relations provides a clear overview of the subject. The book concludes with a review of economic realities, Cuba’s approach to the environment, and Cuban internationalism. A wide-ranging bibliography will itself serve as a useful resource.

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