HAVANA (RadioHavanaCuba) – A new Cuban website was officially launched Sept. 14. The site, called antiterroristas.cu, is a web portal devoted to providing up-to-date news, information and analysis on terrorism and acts of aggression against Cuba. In addition, there is a special section on the five Cuban political prisoners incarcerated in the United States.

The launching took place at the Presidency of ETECSA, Cuba’s telecommunications company. Rosa Miriam Elizalde, head of the Internet project, delivered the opening speech in which she acknowledged the work of those involved in the designing, editing and creating the software. “The system manager could cost a publisher $2 million. It did not cost Cuba a dime,” said Rosa Miriam Elizalde, referring to Las Villas Central University students who created the software.

Following the opening speech, members of the press asked questions concerning the website and the situation of the five Cuban prisoners in the U.S. The press conference featured a tele and video conference with Bruce Nestor, President of the Chicago-based National Lawyers Guild, Peter Erlinger, the former President, and Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York.

The antiterroristas.cu web portal is an internet project sponsored by the Antiterrorist Working Group in consultation with the Cuban Parliament. At the launching was the President of the National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcón, Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, Communications Minister, and Rolando Alfonso, from the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

In his speech, Alarcón stated that “many in the U.S. may wonder why their government does not arrest or accuse the perpetrators of terrorist acts against the island. It is because not only is the U.S. government aware of the terrorists, but it protects them in different ways.”

Various institutions have participated in this project, which includes a virtual library containing more than 200 articles, columns and research items on terrorism against Cuba, incorporating photographs, videos, forums, discussions and other resources.

You can visit the the website at www.antiterroristas.cu.