We wish to extend to you and the Cuban people our very best wishes for a speedy recovery from your recent surgery. We hope you will be able to quickly resume your invaluable work in the struggle for world peace, justice and equality.

We also want to a ssure you that we will remain steadfast in
our work to oppose the dangerous provocations coming out of the Bush White House and the extreme right-wing Republicans in Congress. You have our full solidarity in exposing and fighting their vicious plans to remake Cuba and overthrow the democratic will of the Cuban people.

The ugly demonstrations in Miami are a disgrace, egged on by the Bush administration, and not representative of the true general feelings of the majority of the American people. The truth is that overwhelmingly, most people, regardless
of their political feelings, reject such anti-human, uncivilized and repulsive behavior.

Again our best wishes for you speedy return to good health.

National Committee
Communist Party USA