Defeat Ohio’s SB5

Today 36% of public workers are union members, which corresponds very closely to 37% of the total U.S. workforce unionized from the 1960s to 1980s.

During those years the nation’s working people enjoyed a high standard of living; business and corporations enjoyed good profits.

But no, Wall Street and our country’s multinational corporations weren’t satisfied; they had to have more, and proceeded to outsource millions of good jobs in the private sector of the economy to poor, low-wage countries.

The result: unionization in the private sector dropped, destroying the ability of millions of working families to purchase the necessities of life. Not only are workers and their families suffering – domestic (mostly small) businesses and farmers are being victimized as well. Millions of bankruptcies and foreclosures testify to this.

Now the same politicians that brought economic ruin to our country are proposing to go further down this path with SB5, containing attacks on wages, benefits, and unions of public workers, saying this is required to deal with the $8 billion gap in Ohio’s state budget.

Attacks on public workers and the vital services they provide are being waged to hide the real problems with the budget. Facts show that the entire budget gap can be resolved if a few simple things are done.

First, undo the 21% tax break passed by the Taft administration in 2005. Forty percent of this tax break went to those with annual incomes of $135,000 or more, many enjoying a $10,000 tax break per year.

Second, close the corporate profit tax loophole. Ohio is one of only six states with this loophole. Generally, states with the busiest economies tax corporations.

Third, close more of Ohio’s 122 tax exemptions such as;

  • Companies grossing $ 1 million annually pay the same in CAT tax that a poverty level family of four pays ($150.00).
  •  A sales tax limit for buyers of jet aircraft shares.

Let’s show we honor public workers who provide the services we need. Defeat SB5.

Photo: Creative Commons 2.0