Democracy by appointment only

DALLAS – On the day the Senate passed and President Obama signed the “Emergency Debt Bill,” called for nationwide protests. In Dallas, they asked people to go to the front of Republican  U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office on Highway 75. Around 50 signed up, and at least 16 actually braved the 105-degree heat to stand for an hour on the service road. The group tended to be older people, perhaps because they were not working.

Eighty-year old Jan Sanders, a well known Democratic Party activist, went up to the senator’s office, but found it locked. A note said that only those with appointments would be admitted, and that they were guarding against terrorists. “Eighty year old terrorist!” harumphed Sister Sanders, and added, “I guess all we have left in this country is democracy by appointment!”

Photo: Jim Lane/PW