TEL AVIV – The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (HADASH) 400-member council met Nov. 30 to elect its candidates for the January 28 general elections. Incumbent Knesset Member (MK) and chair of the Front Muhammad Barakei won the first slot. The second slot fell to the outgoing chair of the Knesset faction, Issam Makhoul, and the third to Dov Khenin, a lawyer from Tel Aviv. The chair of the National Monitor Committee of the Arab-Palestinian Population in Israel, Shawqi Khatib, was elected to the fourth slot and Taguit Shbeitah, a young Arab woman, was elected in the fifth post. Barakei, Mahoul and Khenin are members of the leadership of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI).

Well-known MK Tamar Gozawsky, who held three consecutive legislature periods, had to resign her Knesset membership. According to party rules, she no longer could compete. She said she would work to improve the CPI organization. Remarkably, the bourgeois and right-wing media devoted a lot of space for their crocodile tears about her departure from the Knesset.

– Hans Lebrecht