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Grocery workers in the Denver-area have shot down a new five-year contract proposal from King Soopers in an overwhelming vote.

Voting continued Tuesday for workers in Colorado Springs and today for workers in Pueblo.

A final tally of all of the regions along the states “Front Range” will be released later today.

The workers are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 and if the contract is rejected the union will need to return to the bargaining table with the supermarket to find a contract that suits the workers.

The union has expressed unhappiness with a two-tier wage system proposed in the contract that would provide fewer benefits to new employees.

The union has been fighting to keep the wage scale equal for all employees.

The union represents nearly 17,000 grocery workers in Colorado including employees at King Soopers, Safeway, and Albertsons. Contracts at all of those grocery stores expired on May 9 with Safeway employees voting to extend their contract to June 26.