Denver SuperShuttle drivers reject cuts

DENVER – Denver SuperShuttle, the company that runs an operation that transports people who fly into Denver to destinations all over the city, is trying to force a 30 percent pay cut on its workforce.

The company is trying to force workers to accept the cut as it continues to drag out contract negotiations with its van drivers that have been going on for two years now.

The drivers voted in 2009 to make the Communications Workers of America their official representative and the company has been punishing them for that decision by dragging out the negotiations and then by adding the demand for a wage cut.

The drivers have overwhelmingly rejected the steep wage cut which would leave them with wages low enough for them to qualify for foodstamps, Medicaid and other forms of public assistance.

The CWA is pointing out that SuperShuttle is essentially demanding that the taxpayers subsidize its drive for bigger than ever profits while it simultaneously regtaliates against the workers for exercising their right to have union representation.

Please sign the petition and let the governor and members of the state Senate and state House know how Super Shuttle is trying to force drivers to accept lower wages, which would make them rely on government assistance for food, medical care and even to heat their homes.

Also, you can “Like” the drivers’ Facebook page, so SuperShuttle and Veolia Transportation, the French company that owns it, know you are paying attention and that they should bargain a fair contract and end their anti-union activities.

Photo: SuperShuttle workers with one of their vans. SuperShuttle Drivers Facebook page


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