Friends of the People’s Weekly World are planning a major distribution of the paper at Detroit’s Labor Day parade, which routinely draws tens of thousands of people.

John Rummel, who is organizing the distribution, said that getting the paper out at the rally and elsewhere is extremely helpful in building a movement against the ultra-right.

“It puts out a healthy left perspective,” he said. “In Michigan, we have a far-right Republican Party in this state that is racist, anti-labor, anti-immigrant. This issue will help unify people against the ultra-right.”

The Labor Day issue of the PWW will have a special focus on the struggle to defeat the ultra-right in the upcoming elections, and also aims to be a tool in that struggle.

“With the crisis and loss of jobs from other industries, people are looking for direction to begin to solve these problems,” Rummel said. “The paper provides that.”

The PWW’s supporters in Michigan traditionally buy extra bundles of the paper to distribute at the Labor Day parade and get a good response.

“The distribution will go well because people are looking for answers, and they know it is a labor paper,” he said. “There’s going to be a good group of people distributing it, many of them trade unionists themselves.”