In the March 25 Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Mary Mitchell had the absolute gall to accuse those who do not support this war of not supporting the military men and women, many just teenagers, who have been deployed to Iraq.

Do the right-wing conservative war- hawks who support the Bush Doctrine of perpetual war really support the troops? After Iraq, there is an unlimited list of countries that the warhawks have targeted for possible warfare engagement.

The proponents of peace want the troops brought home to their families. The warhawks want to keep the troops in harm’s way. Elementary logic reveals who really supports the troops; but let’s examine Mitchell’s argument and the reality of the situation further.

Right-wing conservative warhawks claim they are the true patriots. Yet, they work to destroy the cogent application of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, squander billions of tax dollars on war when those dollars are needed for cities and states here at home, and thoroughly disrespect the world community and international law. The warhawks claim justification all in the name of ensuring national security after the awful terrorist attack of 9/11. Warhawks do not care that the USA has gained the reputation of being a bully because they are partial to that image. All the power and the glory go not to God but to them, the warhawks.

Who are the true patriots? The true patriots are those Americans who want this country to grow to be the genuine democracy that it has struggled to become since its founding.

The true patriots are those Americans who respect the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and want to advance the development and application of democracy in our country, not destroy it.

The true patriots want a U.S. foreign policy based on a doctrine of perpetual peace (not perpetual war), respect for international law, and the sovereignty of nations.

The true patriots want true equality and freedom not domination and aggression. The true patriots are drum majors for peace. To truly support the troops, those young men and women must be brought home. All of the misinformation, misrepresentation, and right-wing demagogy in the world can not change that reality.

After 9/11, Americans do need to examine what policies will lead to this nation’s security. The Bush Doctrine of perpetual war will not. The Bush Doctrine of perpetual war, no matter the race of the messenger, could lead to the unthinkable: the decimation of the earth and the human race.

War is no longer a viable option in the 21st century and all weapons of mass destruction should be destroyed. We live in a diverse world; we must respect the rule of law, including international law.

It is Mary Mitchell’s prerogative to be a right-wing conservative; she has the job of trying to make right-wing conservative ideas more acceptable in the African-American community. She has the right to make that choice; we have the right to categorically and unequivocally reject her irresponsible distortions.

Dee Myles is chair of the Communist Party’s education commission and can be reached at pww@pww.org

PDF version of ‘Does the Bush administration support the troops?’