Santo Domingo, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) A strike by transportation workers in five provinces in eastern Dominican Republic on Thursday resulted in four people wounded and another 30 detained, as doctors were called on to stage a march to the National Palace next week.

The drivers’ strike, demanding road and street repair and construction in the area, as well as construction of aqueducts and other infrastructure works, became heated since midday, leading to clashes with police because of tire burning and road blocking by protesters.

Several demonstrators, including a woman, were detained in possession of fire weapons, according to police, which agreed with organizers to an end of the protest by 6:00pm (local time).

Organizers of the protests warned that it would be peaceful and would not affect transportation of tourists to and from the airport, but hundreds of travellers lost their flights due to lack of transport.

Today, state-run health doctors ended a 48-hour general strike called by the Dominican Medical College (CMD), the second staged this year, demanding salary hikes, supported by other health workers.

Government says it lacks funds needed to meet their demands and proposed to establish a performance-linked salary scale.