December 6, 2006, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Day of Action

Do you know about the Solomon Amendment? It is the legislation that mandates that colleges will LOSE their funding if military recruiters are not allowed full access to recruit on campuses.

This policy forces schools to allow military recruitment, even though the Pentagon’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy blatantly violates many universities’ anti-discrimination policies.

Well, thanks to the persistence of student activists who have challenged this unfair law, on December 6th the Supreme Court will hear the FAIR v Rumsfeld case, which will determine whether schools have the right to kick recruiters off campus, without losing federal funds.

The students’ message is clear: the military should be kicked off college campuses because it openly discriminates against LGBTQQI people and is NOT an “equal opportunity employer”. On December 6th, as the Supreme Court considers this historic case, we urge students across the country to bring light to the military’s discrimination policies and presence on your campus.

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