When author and activist Jesús Colón wrote his book “A Puerto Rican in New York,” he told a story about one of his nightmares. He dreamed he read a notice in bold type boxed in the middle of the first page of the Jan. 31, 1957, issue of the Daily Worker, the PWW’s famous predecessor: “The drop in circulation and the lack of real interest and personal sacrifice required from all workers and sympathizers of our paper has forced us to discontinue the publication of the Daily Worker.”

“Jesús! Jesús! Wake up! You know what time it is?” Colón’s wife Concha said. “Time for you to go to work at the paper!”

“What paper?” Colón asked, just coming out of his deep sleep. Then he realized he had been dreaming and was relieved the Daily Worker was still being printed and he was still writing for it.

The more things change the more they stay the same. It is a constant struggle for a working-class paper like ours to raise the kind of money it takes to keep us going. We have to convince you — our readers and supporters — that your hard-earned money is needed to keep us going, that your donation is a worthwhile investment with returns in the struggle for peace, democracy and socialism.

This year our national fund drive goal is to raise $150,000 by Dec. 15, a challenging task.

New York Communist Party chair Elena Mora says, “Don’t worry, Jesús! – ¡No se preocupe, Jesús! We are committed to helping raise money for the PWW.” New York PWW friends have two unique ways to have a great time, get educated and raise money for this fighting newspaper. In November, Jesús Colón’s life will come alive on stage in the world premiere of “The Red Rose”/“La Rosa Roja,” an original musical theater production by the Bronx-based Pregones Theater. To get tickets for the PWW’s Nov. 27 day at the theater to see “The Red Rose,” call (646) 437-5333 for details.

The second New York City event is on Nov. 20, “Another world is necessary – socialism,” with featured speaker Sam Webb, national chair of the Communist Party. For reservations call (646) 437-5363.

In Arizona, PWW readers can hear Judith Le Blanc, United for Peace and Justice co-chair and Communist Party vice chair, speaking on Iraq, peace and U.S. imperialism Nov. 4-6. For more information call (520) 624-4789.

Other upcoming local PWW fundraising activities include special events in Connecticut (Dec. 4 reception, call 203-624-8664), Eastern Pennsylvania (Nov. 6 “Day at the Theater” and Dec. 4 banquet, 215-222-8895), Illinois (Dec. 4 banquet, 773-446-9920) and Northern California (Nov. 5 banquet, 510-251-1050).