Don’t count out Dr. Price, the evil mastermind behind Trumpcare
Dr. Tom Price | Andrew Harnik/AP

We can’t count out the Senate.

Since this week’s CBO-confirmation that Trumpcare is a plan to take health insurance from more than 20 million Americans and give tax breaks to the rich, Senator Mitch McConnell has been working overtime to keep Republicans in line behind his cruel bill. Even with the vote cancelled in the Senate this week, the House has shown that this bill won’t stay down.

No one more perfectly embodies the United States’ corrupt, profit driven health care system ― and the GOP’s plans to make it even more deadly ― than Dr. Tom Price, Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary.

A new book from our publishing arm, Strong Arm Press, pulls back the curtain on “Dr. Trumpcare” and shows his sinister role in today’s health care repeal debacle: Out of the Ooze: The Story of Dr. Tom Price by freelance journalist and author Alexander Zaitchik.

Out of the Ooze sketches the sordid origins of the doctor who made his ascent from the Atlanta suburbs to national office by pushing far-right, profit-driven policies. He’s spent decades pushing the interests of drug companies and private health care corporations at the expense of the poorest and sickest Americans.

To understand the winners and losers from Trumpcare you have to look no further than Price’s stock portfolio. Dr. Trumpcare doesn’t have any stock in the American people.

Tom Price has used his credentials as a doctor to lend credence to policies that would raise drug prices, cut Medicare and Medicaid, and scale back government funding for medical research.

To understand and combat the GOP’s plan to rob health care from millions of Americans, you need to understand Dr. Tom Price. Out of the Ooze exposes the truth about the diabolical doctor behind Trumpcare.

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Michael Phelan is the president of Social Security Works.


Michael Phelan
Michael Phelan

Michael Phelan is deputy director of Social Security Works.