2004 elections: Key to stopping Bush

Drunk with power, the Bush administration is preparing its next steps to rule the world and attack democracy here at home. Turning the world upside down with its most extreme imperialist policies of unilateral, preemptive war, this administration presents dangers never before faced by the American people and the world.

The Bush “Doctrine” and its accompanying terrifying actions demand the highest and broadest levels of unity, organization and struggle by democratic forces in response, to slow and defeat these forces of “evil.” Broad unity can be built on such demands as “End the occupation,” “No more Iraqs,” and “What we need is work, not war.”

But most importantly is organizing smarter and better to defeat Bush and his cronies in the 2004 elections. These elections take on even greater importance in the wake of the criminal pillage and plunder of Iraq, threats towards Syria, Iran and North Korea and rollback of democracy here.

Democratic forces – from everyday people concerned about the future of this country and planet to more organized forces like the labor movement, the organizations of African American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, American Indian, Arab, Asian and other racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, young people, students, seniors, small business people, the GLBT, environmental, civil rights movements, the faith-based communities – and yes, even the Democrats and most Republicans, all have a stake and self-interest in defeating this undemocratic and vicious of all regimes.

But organizing, especially mass political education at the grassroots for the elections has to begin now. It has to help shape the terms of the debate, the issues for struggle and the candidates.

Organizing for the 2004 elections also has to take into account that the ultra right is ruthless. They will lie, cheat, steal their way to the White House, again. They will use racism and fear, war and repression to divide and suppress the vote. But mass united struggle can cut through their fear-mongering and all their “weapons of mass reaction.”

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Is Syria next?

While not finished with its plans for military occupation of Iraq, the Bush administration is setting the stage for its next step toward colonial domination of the world. In recent days, key administration officials, including George W. himself, have launched a coordinated campaign of accusations and threats against the government of Syria.

In what has now become standard operating procedure, Syria is being accused of possessing chemical weapons, committing hostile acts against the United States, harboring terrorists and giving sanctuary to Iraqi war criminals.

While Syria has long been on the Pentagon’s list of countries targeted for preemptive military strikes, the timing of the administration’s rhetoric agaist Syria is meant to serve a secondary purpose as well: that of distracting the public’s mind from the failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and keeping up the war hysteria that is bound to disapate with the end of military operations in Iraq.

Having promised the public that U.S. troops would be greeted with flowers, the Bush administration is now trying to hide the embarrassing fact that, every day, an increasing number of ordinary Iraqi people are joining anti-occupation demonstrations, right in front of U.S. troops, demanding that they leave the country immediately.

By extending the threat of war to Syria, the Bush administration is, indeed, throwing gasoline on the Middle East fires. The region is already brimming with anger and growing anti-American feelings. Any expansion of the war into other countries of the region will not only lead to an uncontrollable regional conflagration, but also to a further isolation of the United States.

It is time to disarm Bush. And the first step towards this end is putting an end to his doctrine of preemptive strike. Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s (D-Calif.) anti-preemption resolution is a good starting point.