The Oakland Education Association Executive Board passed the following Motion, September 20, 2001

We of the Oakland Education Association share the grief of the country and the world at the horrific loss of life in the last week in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania and its national impact. As teachers we must help students to sort out their emotions and to have opportunities to both consider the issues involved and find stability in the classroom.

In addition, we must be present for any fellow staff members or family who have been impacted. The OEA leadership and CTA staff will try to provide personal support for anyone grieving.

Further, as a leading organization in our community, we shall continue to be a voice for nonviolence, defense of democratic rights and civil liberties and resistance to ethnic and religious scapegoat. We support Congressional Representative, Barbara Lee, in expressing opposition to granting authority to the President to wage War and oppose military escalation and intervention, even while wishing to seek justice in this case.

The OEA represents almost 4,000 educators in Oakland.

To receive a copy of this resolution on OEA letterhead contact the OEA office at:
510.763.4020, e-mail:; Fax: 510.763.6354
272 East 12th Street, Suite C273
Oakland, CA 94606

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